Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is Motherboard and its working Principles

Motherboard is an electronic circuit board. It is helps to improve your desktop PC working process. All desktop PC components are connected to the motherboard. That desktop PC components such as Sound Card, Video Card, RAM, Processor. These components are used to improve your computer working principles. Input and Output devices are also connected with the mother board. Power supply is main uses of motherboard for transferring information. Without Power supply we cannot do anything. Processor is also connecting with the motherboard. Processor is a brain of your desktop PC. IDE is used to transfer data and signals from Motherboard to Desktop PC. Desktop PC is mainly working using the 0’s and1’s digital system. Motherboard is integrated with microprocessor unit control. That can access all components and peripherals devices. Input and Output devices are interconnected with IDE. Software is enabled to the hardware components. Software is set of programs tat can be understand by computer. Input devices is used to input the data to Desktop PC. That can be working using the processor then print the output using the output device. Input devices such as Keyboard, Mouse, MICR, OMR, OCR, Bar Coding, Speech input unit. Output devices are Printer, Laser. Motherboard is set of instructions to support the all desktop PC components.

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