Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inteview Questions at IIT roorki for IAS Examinations

hi to all Happy to meet you with the some of the interview questions of the IAS Examination.

Q1: What is your area of interest?
Q2: What is abstract algebra and what is linear algebra?
Q3: What is a homomorphism?
Q4: What is homeomorphism?
Q5: How many nontrivial homomorphism from Z20 to Z10 ?
Q6: How many onto homomorphism for the same ?
Q7: How many homomorphism from group of rational number to the group of integers?
Q8: What are the subspaces of R3
Q9: What is coset ? give its geometrical interpretation in R3
Q10: What is a hausdraff space ?
Q11: Give a example of property that is hereditary ?
Q11: Would you like to do your research in any other area instead of your choice ?

Hopes that you liked this article and enjoyed this. Meet you in my next post till then its bye from your lovable chauffeur.

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