Saturday, November 22, 2008

tearful face of Reality shows....

hi to all.... here i have been come with a tearful article.... we all very familiar with the reality shows, every television is telecasting the lot of reality shows for different kind of pupil at the all the ages, actually the was the day the pupil participate in the reality shows with some age limits .... now a days there is nothing like that any one can from the child to old pupil can participate in these shows... even the children competitive and winning the slam before the old pupil... it is an healthy thing to accept and welcoming this for improve the talent and to dig out the inherent skills within the children, the parents also standing like the wall for them. the positive motivation giving the good response to them and they improving their knowledge and making them to get succeed furthers... but think the negative comments on the children may affect them... for the TRB rate and to getting the grace of pupil and for the footage of them they doing the things... that may affect the children more.... recently i heard that one girl participated in the reality show has been failed to win the final and got heavy bombard from the judges for her mistakes in the show, but she didn't expose any reaction there in that spot and that affected her very much and started to avoid everyone and stopped to talk with everyone,even for her needs also she starts to write in a paper and show it to her parents... while her parents consulted to the doctors, they came to know that the failure in that show and the comments passed by judges only take her to this stage, after reading this i thought to give information to all the parents to take care on the children participating in these kind of shows...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sudoku one of favorite pass time for me… not only for me lot of my friends having this habit to solving the Sudoku in our pass time, it is the game that who is finishing the Sudoku table first. actually it increasing the attention and concentration which required to work hard and well, even to study also… after doing this our mind get relaxed and feel that freshness in mind. So we can give our full concentration on the work or studies well. So this makes ourselves to dedicate us to the work we have to do. In the bunch of pupil if you can finish this easily and quickly, that providing some status before them. You will be look alike a genius among them, so if you have pass time just try it… there is a great enjoyment while solving that, if you want just play it ….

Friday, November 14, 2008

mischievous acts....

hello.... everybody... happy to meet you with this interesting video clip... are you all like to play with animals...? would you like to see the mischievous things doing by the pets ...? you should see this video clip.... see and enjoy it...

Friday, November 7, 2008

First Miss India...

hi to all happy to meat you with this nice article, here am going to show you the photo of the first Miss India. Pramila (Esther Abraham) is her name the contest was held in 1949. Now she is 90yrs old.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Denmark 'world's happiest nation'

hi guys do you know which is the happiest nation in the world, Denmark... i read it in an article, according to the latest World Values Survey published by the United States National Science Foundation.

The annual study surveyed people in 97 countries to discover who is happiest. The survey asked people two simple questions about their happiness and their level of satisfaction with life.

Puerto Rico and Colombia completed the top three happiest nations. Zimbabwe was found to be the least happy, with Russia and Iraq also in the bottom 10.

The study was directed by University of Michigan professor Ronald Inglehart. He says that unlike other studies, which have focused on economic factors, his research has found that financial prosperity is not the only reason for happiness.

"Our research indicates prosperity is linked with happiness. It does contribute," he says, "but it is not the most important factor. "Personal freedom is even more important, and it's freedom in all kinds of ways. Political freedom, like with democracy and freedom of choice."

A happier world

The world is becoming a happier place overall, according to the survey, which has been conducted since 1981. Dr Inglehart says that gender equality is also an indicator of happiness, as is rising social tolerance. He says that both of these things have risen dramatically in recent years.

The world's wealthiest nation, the United States, was found to be the world's 16th happiest country, behind Switzerland, Canada and Sweden. The study also found that the countries at the bottom of the list all struggle with widespread poverty or authoritarian governments.

Zimbabwe, which is gripped by hyperinflation, and has recently seen a controversial presidential election marred by violence, was found to be the least happy nation amongst the countries covered by the survey. everyone having the interest to see his country name on the top... that is also with me... me too seen this list with that expectation but depressed ... let hope to see our county on the top next time... praise the country... serve for the country by doing your duty perfectly... take steps to lift our self to up level in our personal life first... all the best...