Thursday, October 30, 2008

friendship forever

hi to all.... friendship is really a great feeling... the feelings exposed in words....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Relationship between the car and the ice cream

Hi to all … glad to meet you with this innovative article about the cute relationship between the car and the ice cream. Is there any relation between them…? If I tell there is a relation, can you believe that…?. One car lover bought a expensive luxury car from the reputed show room, and given a strange complaint to the car dealer, that he fond of taking ice creams on the way outside in the ice cream parlors With his family everyday and if he eat the high made costly and delicious ice cream the car would start without any problem, if they take the low price normal ice creams like vanilla then it meeting starting trouble and not starting quickly….. the car dealer didn’t leave this mater as it is, he send an engineer to test drive the car, the engineer went and take the car to ice cream shop then after he had the high cost ice cream came back and started the car, there was no problem gone smoothly… next time he went to the shop and had the low price ice cream and he also met the same problem of starting trouble. The technical engineer found the reason that the low cost ice creams are at the threshold of the shop itself and it doesn’t requires anytime to prepare and made the ice cream it is a readymade one so we can eat and back to the car soon. But in case of the high made delicious items require lot of time to prepare and then to eat that, so in that time interval the engine get cooled and reduced the heat well, so it is adaptable to start earlier, But in case of low cost there is no time for the engine to reduce the heat and not getting cool, so the starting trouble has been takes place as soon as start the car after parking… the ultimate moral of the story is everything is in your hand and the way of your thinking, so always think differently and creatively.

Brusly house going to be a museum

Hi to all, glad to meet you with interesting news about the world super star Brusly, the man of the power inspired the entire pupil around the world by his action style and his tremendous performance on the fighting style. There is no need to give a brief introduction to him, because everyone knows him well… Still there is lot of diehard fans here, loving his action styles, really he is a legend of fighting techniques. We can say that he is a king maker of this field, he inspired from the child to the centenarian pupil. Really this is a great achievement for him; everyone in the fighting field is having the wish to get the name and fame like him. The latest information I got about him was there is a process is going to revive his house as the museum

Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Catch a Cheating Wife

hi everybody... glad to meet you with this article i found and gathered for you...To begin with, get a good book on how to catch a cheating wife. It will tell you everything that you need to know about all of the high tech gear available nowadays. I would recommend beginning by installing hidden surveillance cameras in the house. Many of these cameras are very small, and can be installed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to easily put them around the house while she is out getting groceries. Most of the how to catch a cheating wife books agree that this is usually enough, but if you still get no evidence, there are other things that you can do. You can put a password snooper on your computer, and use her password to log into and read her email. You can even go one step farther. It is possible for you to get a GPS tracker for her car. When this is installed, it will tell you everywhere that she goes, making it a cinch to figure out where exactly she is having her affair.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband!

Hi to all happy to meet you with this interesting article… Evidently, cheaters are "easy" to catch, for they leave clues. Your job of determining how to catch a cheating husband, then, is a fairly easy one, provided you
1) STAY CALM, and
2) GATHER ALL "PROOF" FIRST...BEFORE YOU ACCUSE or IMPUGN. Here are a list of sample clues/pieces of evidence:

Phone bills/cell phone bills (even more so if your husband HIDES the bills, or snatches them from the mailbox before you get to see them).New purchases (especially underwear, cologne, or even jewelry or items for gifts for a woman that is not you). That is, if he is a slob and has been for twenty years, and all of a sudden is wearing new undies, is shaving regularly, etc., take note. He might be hinting to you for ways on how to catch a cheating husband (whether he intends for you to catch him or not).

If you suddenly cannot access his internet activities or email, or if he takes away keys to strong boxes, sheds, cars, or other places you always were privy to, something’s up. A major strategy for how to catch a cheating husband? Try this if it involves passwords on your community pc:

[He may THINK he can delete evidence by erasing history and all that. You can go into the bowels of the pc and find his snail trail. But you can also get his passwords—IF he is not as computer-savvy as he thinks he is.]

Go online.
At the top of the page is what is called the MENU BAR.
Click on TOOLS.
Then click on OPTIONS.
Then click on PASSWORDS.
Finally, click on VIEW SAVED PASSWORDS.
There you will find a list of both the urls (the www. Or http sites he visits) and the passwords, which are automatically saved unless someone really up on this stuff has fixed the pc to NOT save passwords.

In addition, many experts or specialists give advice on how to catch a cheating husband which include
1) keeping a written record/diary of his behavior/activities, to see if there is a pattern; 2) checking for receipts; 3) making note of times the phone rings and the calls are hang-ups; 4) checking the mileage on the car; 5) showing up at his workplace; and 6) being unpredictable yourself (returning hime when he thinks you are gone for the weekend, etc.).