Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Presenting THIS YEAR'S "Not My Job" AWARD

Hi to all .....
Presenting THIS YEAR'S "Not My Job" AWARD

And the winner is

National Highway Department (Painting Division)

Beautiful Dogs in the World: dogs Beauty competition:

hi yo all here am taking to you the pics of the beautiful Dogs. Dogs are the most beautiful pet animal in the world and smartest too. there are so many beauty contest are going for the dog shows also. Here some pupil with their dogs showing the how dogs are get in the life of human and having the good relationship.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inteview Questions at IIT roorki for IAS Examinations

hi to all Happy to meet you with the some of the interview questions of the IAS Examination.

Q1: What is your area of interest?
Q2: What is abstract algebra and what is linear algebra?
Q3: What is a homomorphism?
Q4: What is homeomorphism?
Q5: How many nontrivial homomorphism from Z20 to Z10 ?
Q6: How many onto homomorphism for the same ?
Q7: How many homomorphism from group of rational number to the group of integers?
Q8: What are the subspaces of R3
Q9: What is coset ? give its geometrical interpretation in R3
Q10: What is a hausdraff space ?
Q11: Give a example of property that is hereditary ?
Q11: Would you like to do your research in any other area instead of your choice ?

Hopes that you liked this article and enjoyed this. Meet you in my next post till then its bye from your lovable chauffeur.

Angels & Demons: The Super Movie of Hollywood

Hi guys.Happy to meet you with this interesting post. It is based on the Book of The angels and demons. I saw this movie is really fantastic. It is a different style using in that story. I already read the angels and demons script in that book. Everyone want to this movie in theater.The Movie is going in the different angle which we did not see in the life of our cinema or Hollywood industry. Hopes that you liked this article and enjoyed this. Meet you in my next post till then its bye from your lovable chauffeur.

What is Motherboard and its working Principles

Motherboard is an electronic circuit board. It is helps to improve your desktop PC working process. All desktop PC components are connected to the motherboard. That desktop PC components such as Sound Card, Video Card, RAM, Processor. These components are used to improve your computer working principles. Input and Output devices are also connected with the mother board. Power supply is main uses of motherboard for transferring information. Without Power supply we cannot do anything. Processor is also connecting with the motherboard. Processor is a brain of your desktop PC. IDE is used to transfer data and signals from Motherboard to Desktop PC. Desktop PC is mainly working using the 0’s and1’s digital system. Motherboard is integrated with microprocessor unit control. That can access all components and peripherals devices. Input and Output devices are interconnected with IDE. Software is enabled to the hardware components. Software is set of programs tat can be understand by computer. Input devices is used to input the data to Desktop PC. That can be working using the processor then print the output using the output device. Input devices such as Keyboard, Mouse, MICR, OMR, OCR, Bar Coding, Speech input unit. Output devices are Printer, Laser. Motherboard is set of instructions to support the all desktop PC components.